About CaKe

Some call photography an art, and others a science; we think it is all that and more. Our photography is about people and the fascinating stories that unfold every day around all of us. It is about telling your story, capturing moments that make your heart miss a beat and your soul sing.

In short, our photography is about YOU.

We believe that you should have your cake and eat it. We put our creative energies and our technical expertise into making pictures that tell stories. Stories about you, stories of you. We do that so others will not only understand what you say, but also why you say it. So you can focus on telling your story and nothing else.

Let us capture your slice of life and tell your story.

Kevin’s Bio

Schooled in Information Technology, Kevin always had a fascination for graphic arts, design and the web. He grew up coding web sites by hand, dabbling in illustration and of course, photography. Working his way around his film cameras without the aid of a mentor, he sought after the simple pleasures of taking pictures, ranging from still life to portraits, landscapes to family vacations. Capturing colors, emotions and expressions is what drives his inspiration. An ardent reader of iDN magazine and keen follower of David Hobby’s work (The Strobist).

Kevin was a partner in a web development company until recently, deciding to focus fully on his long-time passion, photography. Self-schooled in lighting and learning additional lighting techniques  from the best around the internet that could offer, Kevin does not stop learning and improving his art and skill in photography. He is always looking to take it to the next level and beyond.

Callan’s Bio

An IT engineer by training, Callan was first attracted to photography as an equally geeky hobby. While the technical aspects of photography are fascinating, what really inspired him was the photographs made by the likes of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Richard Avedon, and Steve McCurry, thus beginning his love and exploration of the best and toughest photographic subject: people.

Callan is also a caffeine addict, loves his beer cold and his coffee strong, enjoys karaoke more than he should, has a penchant for asking “Why not?”, and enjoys buying cute stuffed toys. Long walks on the beach are optional, but always accompanied by a camera or two.

Jing Wen’s Bio

Since his schooling days, Jing Wen always had a strong interest in discovering new tastes and food to eat, which eventually culminated in creating a blog to share his love of food and cooking. He started with taking photographs for the blog with a point & shoot camera, developing a basic interest in photography and trying to improve his shots. This eventually led to upgrading to a DSLR and turning that small interest into a deeper passion for photography. Now he spends his time learning the finer points of photography and focusing it towards shooting food.

He also has a great love for reading books, distracting himself with social media, surfing the web, discovering random facts, tinkering with computers, exploring nature, learning science, and sleeping anywhere.

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