A project with TAFEP

I always get a real sense of pride when I see a project go-live. Going live, meaning to say that the project has gone public or published in one way or another.

TAFEP was such a project. It took months of planning, back and forth discussions to get to the final product. As simple as it may seem, a project like actually took a lot of head-cracking and project management to get sorted out. But nonetheless, we are glad that it has got off the grown.

TAFEP, The Alliance for Fair Employment Practices, was in a way fun to do. The talents that I shot was previously employed to do a similar campaign, this time the photos are used in a Facebook app and marketing campaign.

The 4 talents seen in the screenshot below were shot individually and then composited together to form the final image. I am not sure if you can tell from the final output, the talents were a blast to work with. :)

Anyway, erm, if you like to support their Fair Work Practices campaign online, you can take a look at this Facebook app here.


TAFEP stock image that I shot and composited together.

TAFEP stock image that I shot and composited together.

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