Natanel x Anita Goes To Dubai

The piece above was first conceived in November 2012. After a couple of months of tweaking and refining, we came to this final piece. It was a very delightful project that the folks at Natanel Gluska, Anita De Bauch and myself embarked on.

Having met Melanie, the producer and basically the marketer for Natanel, by chance at a gallery opening a couple months prior we spoke about our ideas openly over wine and whiskies. She shared how enjoyed Anita’s physique and elegance in the works I showed her that night. At the same time, she showed me a few pictures of the furniture off her phone, and I exclaimed that we should collaborate. Fortunately after all that drinking we still managed to remember to keep in touch and continued to refine our idea. To cut the story short this is how the project came to be.

Good news is that the print, almost life-sized, is going to Dubai in May for a exhibition, and of course with Natanel’s slew of furniture. I am quite chuffed about it. Can’t wait. :)


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