Weapons of choice

A few days ago, CaKe had the pleasure of shooting our friend Valerie again, who recently won Miss Singapore Universe 2011. For this shoot however, we decided to go completely old-school analog and shoot purely on film.

In an age where digital has mostly taken over most areas of photography, there’s a certain tactile feeling when you operate those film cameras. You feel more engaged when using them to focus manually, you have decide on the exposure settings instead of letting the camera decide for you, you have to cock the shutter with each frame. Imagine that — photographers deciding how to photograph.

It might sound like we are romanticising the use of film, but we really aren’t. Photography is very much a visual art, and while we can spend hours in front of the computer making a digital file look like film, we prefer to use film if we want that look. Granted, most clients prefer the quick convenience of digital, and we won’t be turning our backs on it any time soon, but it isn’t about choosing one over the other, it’s about using the medium that allows us to get the look we want.

It would take way too long to try and point out all the gear we used in this post so we’ve noted them all down on Flickr instead; click here to see a full list of our weapons of choice.

Here are some of the rolls of film that we shot, 3 rolls of 120 and another 3 rolls of 35mm. There are still even more shots in our cameras but we have to finish those rolls first before developing.

Although we don’t have the photos to show here right now, we’re confident that we got the shots as we had visualized in our minds. Once all the film is developed, we’ll put up another blog post with the photos in them so look out for it!


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