Checking out the Manfrotto Bella V

by Jing Wen

Manfrotto is most well known for producing high quality tripods but not many people know that they also make camera bags as well! I was pleasantly surprised when Wei Li from Shriro House showed me the range of Manfrotto bags that they were bringing in.

He kindly let me take home one of them to try out and review, the Manfrotto Bella V, which is a smaller sized camera slingbag measuring L26 cm x W14 cm x H18.5 cm. I decided to see what type of gear I could stuff into it. Below is the empty Bella and a Canon EOS 3 with the Zeiss Planar T* 85mm f/1.4 lens.

I shoved it in straight with the hood sticking outwards and it came right up to the brim of the bag. The EOS 3 is about the same size as a Canon 5D Mark II so you can fit that in as well. I also managed to slot in a 580EXII flash to the side of it. Putting another lens in that side area would depend on the length and width of that lens.

Besides putting in a DSLR, the Bella is sized more appropriately for Micro 4/3rds or smaller cameras. Here we put in a Leica M2 which is the same size as the Olympus EP-3 and you can see that there’s lots more space on both sides to put other stuff.

The Bella also has a front zippered pocket that lets you put in accessories like lens caps, memory cards, spare batteries, cleaning cloth, etc.

And surprisingly, if you remove all the paddings, the Bella can accomodate a Hasselblad 500C/M with the Zeiss 80mm lens snugly. Although you can’t really carry anything else then.

The Bella comes in black, white and brown colors which are the usual colors photographers choose for their bags anyway. I’d say Manfrotto flew under the radar for making pretty good camera bags and their range of bags is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the market for one!



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