Announcement: CaKe’s 2nd Basic Photography Workshop

by Callan

CaKe! will be holding our second Basic Photography Workshop on September 3rd and 10th — two full Saturdays which comprises both basic photography knowledge and hands-on practical sessions outdoors. We like to hold smaller classes so every participant gets full attention from us, as we go through the steps of not only getting the best out of your kit, but also to establish a solid foundation that will help you advance your photography.

Both days begin at 10am and will only end at 6pm, and will cover all the usual basic theories like the exposure triangle, to equipment, and peer photo reviews at the end of each day. We have found that a photo review greatly enhances and reinforces the knowledge that is imparted, and it is an essential part of the workshop. All you need is a camera with manual controls and a desire to learn; equipment doesn’t matter as much as you think!

The usual price per head is $399; register before August 29th and you’ll get an early bird discount of $50. As I’ve said before, we like smaller classes, so places are really limited. Email us at to register or to ask questions. I can already hear the rumblings now.

Hang on. $399 for a basic photography course?

Yes. Most of us ignore the importance in paying for an education, choosing to “invest” in bigger and better glass and the latest and greatest cameras. But all that kit almost always doesn’t translate automagically to better results. But once you understand how the camera works, and how to maximise that capability, you get more out of every subsequent purchase.

Also, think about it: a basic DSLR kit costs about $1000. After you buy another lens (maybe a “cheap” 50mm), a dry box, and maybe a tripod — and the cost just went up another $300, $400. $399 is just a fraction. If you started out with a superzoom (one of them 18-200mm lenses) then the spending will be close to $2,000. An old photography adage is “camera bodies come and go, but lenses are forever”; I’d say even lenses come and go too. But that knowledge, properly reinforced, stays with you.

At least you didn’t have to spend money developing all that film to find out the one shot you thought you nailed wasn’t all that :)

PS. If you see large expanses of empty space, they are supposed to be photos. Sit back and let them load :)


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