Now it looks like a photo studio

by Callan

We have decorated our photography studio to make it cosy and welcoming and still kept it very functional; so functional, that we just felt the walls were just a bit too spacey for our liking. So we gathered some of our work that we have been longing to print, handed them over to master print and album makers Cosmic Egg to produce some largish prints to make it a little less blank.

And the prints we got back were stunning. As with all good prints, you have to see to believe their quality, and these photos do not, in any way, do them justice.

CaKe_Valerie_Print - Photograph by Wilfred Phua

Callan and Jingwen next to the 28"x35" print of Valerie (@dweam) (Photo by Wilfred Phua)

CaKe would like to thank the efforts of Lenny at Cosmic Egg, who worked tirelessly with us to produce the prints as well as the album for Allan and Ada’s pre-wedding (post incoming shortly). Even as I write this post I am still in awe of the print quality; and I received them last Sunday!

CaKe_JW_Print - © 2011 CaKe Images LLP

Jingwen and his 16"x20" print

Now it really feels like a photography studio, or an artists’ loft, in here. I’m a sucker for quality prints, and there’s nothing quite like being greeted at the office by the work you love that is printed by someone who clearly has a passion for printing. Thank you again, Lenny, Arya, and all the wonderful folks at Cosmic Egg!

CaKe_Callan_Print - © 2011 CaKe Images LLP

Callan and 1 of 3 prints he made of Anita De Bauch

On an interesting, semi-related note, I printed 3 photos of Anita De Bauch (NSFW) and 1 of Valerie, and all of them were made with the Zeiss 1.4/50 ZE. To paraphrase Chef of South Park, there are no lousy portrait lenses, only lousy portrait photographers. (Yep, I said it.)


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