Nicole visits CaKe!

by Callan

One advantage of having our studio in the city area is our friends can drop in on us rather easily. Last Wednesday, long-time Twitter friend Nicole took us up on that, and since she missed our studio opening, she brought us a gift — a six-pack of beer!

In return, we sat her down and made some portraits. Cuz that’s how we roll. It was a good time to test out the Zeiss 1.4/85 in the studio, since this is exactly the type of work I bought it for. Good thing Nicole was game, if she wasn’t then we’d have spent all afternoon talking about photography, and we would all rather be shooting.

Nicole at CaKe! - © 2011 CaKe Images LLP

I thought these turned up pretty well, eh? So consider this a short follow-up on the previous post about the Zeiss 1.4/85. Soft wide-open? No good until f/4? Rubbish. Get the right light and a willing sitter, and it’s magic. All-glass-and-metal, built-like-a-brick-shithouse, optical engineering magic.

Nicole at CaKe! - © 2011 CaKe Images LLP

Window light + silver reflector = Good times

But above all that drivel about lenses, what is really magic is that sincere, heartfelt smile from Nicole. She looked genuinely happy. And that’s how we want our friends to be. Keep smiling, Nicole :)

(Yes, there will be a follow-up post on the Zeiss 85. But wouldn’t you rather look at portraits? I know I do.)


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