Apple fanboys have nothing on this man*

by Callan

Since the introduction of the iPod, and the spawning of a whole new generation of Apple fans, we haven’t met anyone quite like Wilfred. While we are waiting patiently for the introduction of the iPad 2, he has already gotten one. The man has even interned for Apple, for Pete’s sake. And he plans to wait in line for a week for the iPad 2 launch in Singapore with his (almost) equally crazy friends. So when he dropped in at the studio, we could think of nothing better than to make a portrait of him and his arsenal of Apple-made gizmos.

Nothing complicated like having him juggling his iPhone 4 and iPad 2 in the air or anything that might endanger the delicate electronics though. Just a simple photo of him doing something he seems to do all the time: fondling his iPad 2. And before anyone says anything, yes, this is a great excuse for us to show you a portrait! TA-DA!

20110404_WilfredAtCaKe-01 - © 2011 CaKe Images LLP

Wilfred and his iPad 2

* Unless all Apple fanboys have had the chance to intern for them, that is. Not even you, Mike Foong!


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