Kevin and JW – now on Kodachrome

by Callan

I have previously mentioned on my personal blog that I bought two rolls of Kodachrome to make some portraits of my friends and family; despite my best efforts, there simply wasn’t enough time for me to finish both rolls, and I have resorted to making more photos of my son Ayrton than anyone else. When you have a willing model, what else do you do, eh?

I have just gotten the results back from Dwayne’s and overall, I was pretty happy with them. The scans are pretty decent, but as usual, it’s not even a close contest compared to the slides themselves. I’ve always been a big fan of Fuji’s Provia and Velvia, but I can see why a lot of photographers lamented the passing of an era. Accurate and rich colours without exaggeration makes Kodachrome one of a kind.

It’ll take me a while to finish posting the results, but here are two photos of the crazy persons whom I work with everyday. Did I mention the slides blow the scans away?


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