Prep work can, and should, be fun

by Callan

It’s been a month since our successful #ShootUrTweeple (#SUT) jaunt up to Sentosa, and we are ecstatic that everyone who turned up had a great time there. Sentosa had undergone many changes since the last time I was there, in 1999, to celebrate a friend’s 21st birthday. Prior to any photowalk, especially one the scale of #SUT, it is always important to walk the ground and find suitable routes, so Jiayi and Lisa were gracious enough to lead us around the island on a warm and very humid Friday afternoon.

CaKE_Sentosa_SUT_Recce-01 - © 2011 CaKe Images LLP

JW stopping for a shot while Kevin walks with our hosts Jiayi and Lisa.

It may be prep work, but we never forget to have some fun along the way. So armed with our cameras (except for Kevin; he’s artistic that way) we decided to just catch some fun bits along the way. Like this colourful and pretty intimidating spider we chanced upon on the Sentosa Nature Discovery trail.

CaKE_Sentosa_SUT_Recce-02 - © 2011 CaKe Images LLP

A spider on the nature trail - not in perfect focus, but it'll do.

And then there is this peacock, happily resting on top of a fence along the road where the trams ply their routes, ferrying merrymakers heading for one of three beautiful beaches that Sentosa boasts. It looks almost…curious.

CaKE_Sentosa_SUT_Recce-03 - © 2011 CaKe Images LLP


So, a walk in the sun with two beautiful ladies, curious animals, and a camera in hand making photographs. Could life be better? Maybe. But I was smiling like this guy at the end of the walk, and after #SUT.

CaKE_Sentosa_SUT_Recce-04 - © 2011 CaKe Images LLP

At the end of #SUT, most of us had a smile to rival this one.

Note: For those interested, all the above photographs were made with the Zeiss 1.4/50 ZE. Very little tweaking was needed, and I shot *GASP* in JPG the whole afternoon. The more I use the lens, the more I like it. Focus shift be damned, I don’t shoot test charts or Macbeth palettes. The misfocus on the spider was purely user error. But hey, I got one of its legs in focus. So, meh.


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