As Bleu as Chanel

Recently I bought a Chanel cologne from the duty free shop at the airport. So I thought this would be a good opportunity and subject to play with lights, especially blue ones, for its name-sake. The perfume was named Bleu de Chanel.

The bottle was designed with very strong and clean lines, the glass was a deep dark color. Light could be seen right through it, albeit very much reduced. I shall not go into the fragrance. This is not what the blog is about. Heh.

There were some very key lessons that we learned from this experiment. One, our studio can get pretty dusty, any speck of dust will be illuminated by bright blue lights. Two, we need to get chamois and some form of anti-static spray if we are looking to keep the dust away. In short, dust on dark surfaces means lots of post-processing to remove them.

These are the results.



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